About Us

The Literacy Coalition of Colorado promotes and fosters adult literacy in all forms with ongoing professional development opportunities, volunteer training and referrals, and other projects to meet the changing needs of adult literacy agencies in Colorado. We are dedicated to supporting programs whose mission is adult education, in all forms, and the opportunities these programs create so businesses can hire, people can work and families can thrive.

Benefits of Literacy

The Problem Statement
In Colorado today, there are over 585,000 people aged 16+ with no high school diploma. That number will most likely grow dramatically as the high school drop out rate in the state is 32% and a dismal and discouraging 54% in the city of Denver. The statistics on our poorly educated population demonstrate we are creating a semi-literate workforce. Everyone responsible for improving productivity among their workforce is faced with the problem of training people who have difficulty reading, writing, understanding instructions, training, and interaction with customers and co-workers.
The Solution
Long term we must identify the key issues to reducing these extremely high drop out rate. We all have a vested interest in education that produces graduates that become productive citizens. Improving the quality and productivity of workers doesn’t need to wait for the high school graduation rate to improve. Organizations are implementing educational training programs to boost workforce productivity and getting significant results on their training investment. Sara Lee Coffee and Tea Consumer Brands reports absenteeism dropped from 6.75% to 2.1% and productivity increased from 89% to 99%. Marriott, Barber foods, CVS, Disney Florida and VDOT all have experienced positive results from GED and other educational programs.The Literacy Coalition of Colorado will provide your organization with training programs customized to your employees needs. This website provides specifics on the organizations involved in the Coalition and the types of training they can deliver. Working with the Literacy Coalition of Colorado you really can improve the productivity of your workforce.

What We Do

  • Education and Family Literacy
  • Professional Development
  • Volunteer Recruitment, Training, & Placement
  • Networking Adult Literacy Providers and Advocates
  • Currently, over 200 volunteers offer tutoring and additional instruction in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, language, and life skills.
  • Connecting adult literacy programs with collaborators and learners across
    the state.
  • Since 1980, the LCC has provided training for numerous of teachers and volunteers.
  • Member programs serve up to 10,000 learners per year.