Striving to ensure that adult education is accessible to all who seek it.

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The Literacy Coalition of Colorado can link you with organizations looking for tutors in their Adult Education and English as a Second Language (ESL) programs. You can make a real difference.

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Benefits of Literacy

In Colorado today, there are over 585,000 people aged 16+ with no high school diploma. That number will most likely grow dramatically as the high school drop out rate in the state is 32% and a dismal and discouraging 54% in the city of Denver. We all have a vested interest in education that produces graduates that become productive citizens. Adult Education programs and English as a Second Language programs give adults a second chance to earn the credentials they need to improve their life opportunities.

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The Literacy Coalition of Colorado works on a strict budget. Your donations will be used to support volunteer training events, maintain the Class Location and Volunteer Location Maps, and connect member programs with resources. Learn more.

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MileHiCon Literacy Auction benefits the Literacy Coalition

The 2020 Literacy Auction will be held on the auction’s Facebook page: Search for “MileHiCon Literacy Auction”. Beginning on October 2, each day a group of items will be listed on the Facebook page and will be open for bidding for three days. This will continue throughout the month of October until the convention itself on October 23, 24, and 25.  More details are available at MileHiCon.org.

MileHiCon is in its 52nd year as Colorado’s largest sci-fi/fantasy literary convention. Each year, the convention’s Literacy Auction chooses a local charity to receive funds from the auction. We are honored to be their partner for 2020 . 

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Are you a non-profit organization that is looking for volunteers to work with adult learners in your ESL or literacy program? Our new VOLUNTEER LOCATION MAP lets those volunteers find you! Put your non-profit on our map.  Join our Program List.

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