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Are you a nonprofit organization looking for volunteers to assist in classes or work one-on-one with your adult learners?

Are you looking for more ways to make your program services known to learners?

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Note: The Literacy Coalition of Colorado does not vet the potential volunteers who contact you through this website.


Organizations that are one (or more) of the following may become part of our list:

  • Have Non-Profit status (IRS);
  • Affiliated with a faith based organization;
  • Public Library;
  • Affiliated with a Colorado public school district or college; or
  • Receive Federal or State Funding for their programs

All organizations must:

  • Serve the literacy needs of adults 17+ (ESL, ABE, High School Equivalency preparation, Basic Computer Literacy, Citizenship preparation, Family Literacy, or preparation for college and career after having received the HSE or high school diploma).
  • Provide fee schedule including materials fees.
  • Describe the education and training of the instructors and staff.
  • Provide full disclosure of participation limiting criteria.*
  • Provide the name and contact information for coordinator.
  • A non-profit school must not be a subsidiary of nor connected to a for-profit corporation or similar entity.

We will not provide listings for individual tutors who are operating outside of an organization.

*Providers that are supported by faith-based organizations need to state either: 1) no faith-based materials are used for instruction; or 2) faith-based materials might be used for instruction. Some providers may limit students to “women only”, “refugees only,” and so forth. There may be providers that serve a particular ethnic community and admit only members of a particular group. For programs we know receive Federal or State funds, the Disclosure will be “Follows Federal non-discrimination policies.”

Providers who submit their information for inclusion on the LCC site assume full responsibility for the information’s accuracy and its use by visitors of this site. By filling out the following form, I acknowledge that the organization I represent conforms to these requirements.

Submit your information in following form. A board member will get back to you about the next steps.

Thank you for your interest in the Literacy Coalition of Colorado and the promotion of adult literacy.

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    ESL Family Literacy



    Adult Basic Education

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    High School Equivalency prep in English

    High School Equivalency prep in Spanish


    Volunteers – ABE & HSE

    Volunteers - ESL


    Please list restrictions on who may attend your classes. Enter "NONE" if no restrictions.

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