The Board

Neal Alexander

Neal’s professional expertise is primarily in nursing.  He holds degrees in Nursing, Hebrew and has an MBA.  He has a keen sense of how important education is as he was considered illiterate in his elementary years.  With hard work, he graduated in the top 5% of his class.  Neal is currently in the Air Force looking forward to retirement.  He strives to become a valuable contributor to the local community.

Karin Bates

Karin has worked with the ESOL population since 1990.  She is currently active with immigrant and refugee adult students.  Working with adult learners with limited or interrupted formal education is one of her most rewarding experiences.  Karin works as a Curriculum and Training Specialist for Intercambio Uniting Communities.

Ezzie Dominguez

Ezzie has been an ardent activist for the past 25 years.  She has worked with advocacy groups, local leaders and members of Congress.  She believes she can be a voice to people who have struggled with literacy problems having had those struggles herself when she immigrated to the United States. Ezzie was the Director of Operations & Community Relations at the Posner Center for International Development.

Ann Leonard

Ann is a lifelong career adult educator with an interest in literacy.  She understands how underserved adult emergent readers are.  Ann has presented at LCC workshops and has attended the original LCC meetings.  Ann is currently the Student Success Coordinator at Emily Griffith Technical College.

Kate Liosis

Kate is passionate about giving back to the community. She knows firsthand how important education is as neither of her parents graduated from high school.  Her professional experience spans several roles within technology.  Kate works for FirstBank, a community-oriented business with a focus on volunteerism and non-profit support.  She currently serves as Secretary for the LCC board.

Catherine Lwin

Catherine came to this country as a teen without any knowledge of English.  She wants to give back to the community so others would struggle less.  Her background is in Facilities Management and HR, in Mining and Construction industries.  Catherine currently works for Newmont, a major global corporation.

Sarah Mead

Sarah is a communications professional and small business owner for more than 20 years.  She believes advancing communications skills for adults with literacy and language is integral to the welfare of these individuals. Sarah sees these skills as building strong, sustainable communities.

Nick Nist

Nick has firsthand experience dealing with literacy as he was a middle school English teacher.  He saw how literacy helped change the lives of his ESL students.  With his skills in software development and architecture, Nick will be an asset to help create a more versatile and user-friendly experience with our website.

Dorothea Steinke

Dorothea is an adult numeracy specialist and a frequent presenter at state and national adult education conferences. Soon after she and her husband retired to Colorado in 2002, Dorothea began using her math expertise as a volunteer tutor for one of the member organizations of the Literacy Coalition of Colorado. Dorothea then went on to teach developmental math at Front Range Community College for five years. She has been a board member of the Literacy Coalition of Colorado since 2008. She currently serves as Board Chair.

Tyler Sytsma

Tyler has a background in finance and relationship management. In his professional life, he has seen how literacy-related issued have serious and direct impact on an individual’s employability. He appreciates the ways that the LCC improves quality of and access to adult education in our state. Tyler is currently an officer at MidFirst Bank.

Cindy Welsh

Cindy is a semi-retired librarian, most recently serving as the Outreach connection for the High Plains Library District in Weld County. She and husband Mike are long-time Greeley residents. Cindy has served on other non-profit boards in her community.

Betsy Winchester

Betsy’s believes the LCC serves as a unifying organization for Colorado adult education providers. She would like to see adult education providers in Colorado, and specifically in the Denver Metro area, be even more connected with each other and with related organizations such as refugee resettlement groups. She brings to the board a depth of knowledge about citizenship preparation, having taught in that area for several years, as well as in ESL. Betsy has her Master’s Degree in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education.


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