The Literacy Coalition of Colorado wants to link adult learners and volunteers with nonprofit organizations providing education services.

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Adult Education services may include:

  • Adult Basic Education (ABE): Improving basic literacy and numeracy skills for learners with less than a ninth-grade education.
  • High School Equivalency (HSE): Helping students earn a high school diploma or prepare for an HSE test (GED® or HiSET®).
  • English as a Second Language (ESL): Improving English language skills.
  • Citizenship Test Preparation: Helping Lawful Permanent Residents (people who have “green cards”) prepare for the US Naturalization Test.
  • Family Literacy: Working with the family as a whole to promote academic success.
  • Workforce Education: Preparing adults for specific jobs and careers and/or improving “soft skills” such as communication, teamwork, and time management.
  • Financial Education: Providing the fundamentals of budgeting, banking, credit, taxes and insurance to increase financial literacy skills.
  • Digital Literacy/Computer Skills: Learning to use devices, email, the internet, and other digital skills.

Provider Organizations

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The Literacy Coalition of Colorado provides an active list of nonprofit organizations providing classes for
adults and seeking volunteers. This list gives the main administrative site and contact information for
the organization.

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The Literacy Coalition of Colorado is always seeking additional organizations to partner with in order to
promote and foster adult literacy and numeracy.